Greetings from Creature Comforts - Featuring the voices of your fellow Americans

Don’t miss Creature Comforts on Animal Planet!

Creature Comforts finds a new home on Animal Planet this week, with episode double-bills premiering on Thursdays from 7pm EST and repeats the following day at 1pm EST.

Episodes 1 & 2: Premier on April 24th at 7pm EST

Repeated on April 25th at 1pm EST

Episodes 3 & 4: Premier on May 1st at 7pm EST

Repeated on May 2nd at 1pm EST

Episodes 5 & 6: Premier on May 8th at 7pm EST

Repeated on May 9th at 1pm EST

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What the reviews say...

"It works, largely because most of the interviews seem selected to be not wacky but low-key and conversational. Am I proud of laughing? No, but I don't care."
James Posiewozik,

"Each juxtaposition of voice and creature, even or especially the most unexpected, creates something wonderful. The domestic version, which like it s predecessor is made by Aardman Animations, is every bit as good as the original. While the animation is masterful – beautifully timed and fully attendant to character, even when a character is merely listening – what makes "Creature Comforts" valuable is the unscripted, and unscriptable voice of the people."
Robert Lloyd, LA Times

"Hilarious feat of animated clay. Four Stars. So if it took until the second season for an American version of "The Office" to approximate the quality and charm of the British original, how long will it take for an Americanized "Creature Comforts" to prove itself? About five seconds. The series, 'featuring the voices of your fellow Americans' finds just as many eccentric regional dialects here as in England, and uses them hilariously from the start. I can't remember the last time I laughed so quickly and loudly at a new TV series. And it just keeps delivering gold – even from a goldfish who is heard complaining of her latest medical malady. "Dry skin," she says while floating in her goldfish bowl. "Can you believe it?"
New York Daily News

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